As the new standard for energy-efficient lighting solutions, LED technology can help alleviate energy costs, thereby decreasing operating expenses while also improving your environmental impact. By partnering with Onicx Energy today, you can leverage our capabilities and expertise to take advantage of these benefits:



   -Reduce your lighting energy bill by up to 90%

   -See an increase in net operating income

   -Boost asset value (owners are seeing up to a 10x ROI at disposition)


Asset Quality

   -Improve security while simultaneously reducing your liability risk -exposure

   -Reduce workman’s compensation injuries (i.e. less ladder climbs)

   -Enhance curb appeal



   -Eliminate expensive and harmful CFL, fluorescent and incandescent bulb


   -Minimize work orders, and allow service teams to focus on customer experience

   -Potentially reduce maintenance employees and overtime expenses



   -Increase satisfaction with environmentally-aware customers

   -Reduce harmful mercury or phosphors

   -Recycle LED parts

   -Decrease landfill pollution and carbon footprint


As a core piece of our comprehensive energy efficiency solutions, lighting upgrades offer immediate cost savings and a high return on investment.