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App & Portal for Clients

Orion provides real-time information about your lighting projects

Orion is Onicx Energy's client portal that allows visibility into your lighting projects,  request additional services and see your savings over time!

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Lighting Projects Simplified

Orion makes it easy for onsite staff or management to log in and manage all your lighting projects from one place. 


Orion creates efficiencies throughout your portfolio by standardizing products with the opportunity for bulk ordering, allowing for maximized discounts. 


See all of your lighting proposals in one place. From property managers to executive level, your login allows you to see the proposals for all of the properties you oversee. 


We give you insight into how much your new LED upgrade is saving you in energy costs. You can choose to view an individual project, or view all of your savings for each project together. Orion makes it simple to see your ROI.